Workspace on your terms - A FlowSpace to call home for a week

November 2, 2022
2 Minutes

Weekly offices are fast becoming a part of a team's life and it's great to be at the forefront of such offering. Office for a week, anyone?

How to empower your team through autonomy and flexibility

February 1, 2023
5 mins

This month, Juno CEO and Founder, Ally joined the Co-Founder and CEO of FlowSpace, Harry, to discuss how to harness the power of employee autonomy and flexibility to help support and retain a successful workforce.

5 secrets of building a hybrid working policy that boosts employee happiness

February 1, 2023
5 Mins

Within this post, we will be exploring five secrets of building an effective hybrid working policy to help guide your way towards boosting employee happiness. This metric is a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent, and we all want to hire and retain top talent!


Flexible Work
Hybrid Teams
Future of work

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